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What Is FebFast?

FebFast is a very simple concept. Every year we set aside the month of February to pray and fast as a church. We pray for individual and corporate needs across the month, believing that God will bring shift and transformation into the areas and people we influence.

How It Works

If you have been part of FebFast in the past then you'll know a little of what to expect - FebFast19 will look a little different though. In previous years we have fasted for the whole 28 (or 29) days of February, this year we'll be encouraging you to join us for a '21-day-fast'. Our hope is that you remain focused and steadfast in this journey and your commitment to pray with us.



Many of the ministries that connect us to the community, both locally and globally, are continuing to grow. All this means doing more evangelism, making more disciples, releasing more workers, training more leaders and giving more money. We look to the Lord of the Harvest to help and strengthen us to do all of this. It’s exciting!

Don’t forget to pray specifically for those you are hoping will come to faith this year. We will regularly take a moment in our gatherings to bring them before God. We’re in this together, and we’ll apply corporate faith to see our friends and loved ones saved.

Finally, pray personally, pray with your spouse, but especially pray with other believers. Try to make our Wednesday evening prayer times a real priority. The early church gathered for corporate prayer whenever they wanted to see the Kingdom advance - and God met with them, (see Acts 2 and Acts 4). 

Use every spare opportunity to spend time with the Lord. Let’s raise our hearts and voices to heaven with the expectation that God will establish more of His Kingdom here on earth in this year. Try to keep a record of what you are believing for and any answers to prayer that you receive. All this should result in praise and thanksgiving going up to heaven for all He has done. Please gossip about all the good things that happen this month through prayer, so that God gets the glory.

To join us on the journey there are a number of things you can do. We encourage you to sign up for daily email and/or text reminders, follow our social media accounts and keep coming back here to 


How do I Fast?

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Below, you will find different ways of fasting, from cutting out certain foods, to total abstinence for a short while. Your health, lifestyle and work demands will help you decide which fast is most appropriate for you. If you are on medication then get your doctor’s advice. Be realistic about what you can handle. This isn’t a competition. It’s a way of giving ourselves to a more focused season of prayer. Ask your connect host, mentor, ministry leader or church pastors for advice too. They all have years of experience in prayer and fasting. Draw on their wisdom.

Types of Fasting


Full Food

Drink only liquids that do not have additives, like water or freshly squeezed juices, (you establish the number of days). One full day a week means that over the month you fast around four full days. 

“The Daniel Fast”

Based on Daniel’s requests in Daniel 1. The simplest way to do this is, no meats, no sweets and no bread. Drink water and juice. Eat fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Modern Fast

Can include giving up things like Facebook, Social Media, TV, Movies, Mobiles etc. This is great for people working through eating disorders, or need to break an over commitment to modern forms of technology.

3 Day Fast

This fast could be a great introduction to fasting. It could be a Full Fast, Daniel Fast, or giving up certain types of food for 3 days every week


Don’t Go Alone

There is incredible power when we agree in prayer together. One of the best ways to fast is with your Connect Group. If you’re not part of a group yet now is a great time to join one!

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